It Is Important To Understand The Difference Between AWD And 4WD In Order To Make The Best Decision For You

The off road capable vehicle is one of the most popular on the road today. And if you are in the market for one, you will be able to enjoy a ton of options between all of the trucks, SUV's, and crossover vehicles that are on the road today.

But before you make your final decision, be sure to understand what it is that makes it off road worthy, and how that system compares with the others.

A 4-Wheel Drive vehicle uses two differentials (front and rear) and a transfer case when the 4WD is engaged. These can be run in 2WD to maximize fuel efficiency or in 4WD to maximize traction. This provides the driver with a bit more control by being able to make that decision.

An All-Wheel Drive vehicle is always in AWD. Using 3 differentials (front, center, and rear) it will electronically monitor the traction at all four wheels and distribute power accordingly to maximize traction at all times.

So if you are ready to take your next AWD or 4WD vehicle for a test drive, then come and see us here at Crystal Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Brooksville today.
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