The Ram 2500's Powertrain Options

For a sturdy truck that performs well under a variety of conditions, the popular Ram 2500 is a heavy-duty pickup truck with a powerhouse engine and a quality steel chassis. Tow a boat or haul a load of masonry with ease thanks to the Ram 2500's innovative powertrain design.

For drivers intent on towing a boat trailer or whose primary tasks involve hauling cargo, the base model Ram 2500 offers plenty of power, with a V8 engine, ample horsepower and 31,000 pounds of towing capacity. For drivers who want to pull a fifth-wheel trailer, the optional towing package specifically designed for that will give them the necessary options.

Drivers can also choose between a manual or automatic transmission for greater customization of their vehicle. Both transmissions offer six speeds, with the manual transmission giving drivers the necessary torque in the lower gears where they need it most when towing. The automatic transmission is optimized in its gear ratios to be more efficient.



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