Trunk-or-Treat for a Safer Halloween Experience

Halloween is one of the best nights of the year for children who love to dress up and eat candy, but pedestrians can be in danger in the dark. Kids can quickly dart in front of an oncoming vehicle or be hard to see due to a dark-colored costume. For safety reasons, a new type of Halloween celebration is gaining in popularity, the trunk-or-treat event! The premise is straightforward. Instead of going door-to-door to collect Halloween candy, a trunk-or-treat event is organized in a large, monitored parking lot and kids go from vehicle-to-vehicle playing games and collecting candy. The highlight of the party isn't the candy though, it's decorating the trunks, hatchbacks and truck beds, and turning them into fun Halloween scenes.

Car dealerships support these types of events because they are much safer than having kids walk through neighborhoods. Call a dealership in Brooksville, FL today for trunk-or-treat ideas.

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