Why Use Windshield Wiper Fluid and Avoid Water?

Many people use water instead of using the windshield wiper fluid for their car and this is not right at all. There are numerous reasons outlined by the experts on why you should not use water but use the right windshield fluid from your professional Crystal Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Brooksville. Our experts define the following reasons among other many reasons.

  • During low temperature seasons the water in the reservoir may freeze and thus become ineffective unlike the windshield wiper fluid that will stay liquid as it does not freeze on high temperatures.
  • It is notable that our quality windshield contains some detergents and thus it is able to wash away any stuck mud or other materials on your windscreen making it sparkly clear.
  • The water in the reservoir may stay for long and thus become a breeding place for the pathogens and other parasites that may cause the health hazards to the driver.

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